Wheelchair Access

We have worked hard to make sure our site is accessible as possible for all of our visitors. All of our the Main Factory Museum has flat access with passenger lifts to each exhibit floor.

In addition our Café Bar, Shop and Toilet facilities are fully accessible with accessible toilet facilities in both.

There are a couple of small areas in the museum which are only accessible via steps at the present time, though we are always working on ways to make all of our exhibits accessible to everyone.
These areas are the Beam Engine Balcony (which gives a view of the engine from above) and the Economiser House in the Steam Complex.

The main Steam Complex area is accessible but please be aware that there are ramps as the original floor is uneven in places.

Media Guides

We are happy to be able to offer the use of our Media Guides to support your journey and experience at the Mill. The guides include narration and voiceovers which describe the processes you can see here are the Mill as well as the history of the site, the Steam Complex and many other interesting topics.

During Static Days you will still have the opportunity to learn how our production processes work by viewing videos with our volunteers explaining and demonstrating all of our weaving and spinning machines!

Our guides also include a British Sign Language version which is available to all our visitors!

Site Map

Our site map will give you a good understanding of what is on offer to see and do at Coldharbour Mill and help you to familiarise yourself with the site layout.

Site Maps are available on site and our Staff and Volunteers can provide additional directions and suggestions on your visit.