Uffculme Bus Shelter Makeover

Uffculme Bus Shelter Makeover

Uffculme Green Team triumph with the approval of their plans to renovate the bus shelter in the heart of the village.

The bus shelter in Uffculme has been in a state of disrepair for a while, adorned with graffiti, it has been creating a bit of an eyesore in the village. The Uffculme Green Team, who have already created many worthwhile initiatives in the village in the hope to fight the Climate Crisis, have now succeeded in winning approval to renovate the Bus Shelter.

This project was approved by Uffculme Parish Council at their meeting on Thursday 1st October and they have agreed to support the project going forward.

Coldharbour Mill, a nationally significant Museum and Visitor Attraction in Uffculme will also be supporting the project. The renovated shelter will highlight both the History of the Mill in the village as well as their upcoming events and activities for visitors and the community.

The proposal put together some suggestions on how the bus shelter could look after the renovation as well as ways in which to make the structure vandal-proof. The Uffculme Green Team’s volunteers will commence work over the winter period and the renovated shelter should be ready for unveiling by spring next year.

Culture Recovery Fund Announcement

Culture Recovery Fund Announcement

Coldharbour Mill has received £230,169 from The Culture Recovery Fund for Heritage which is part of the £1.57 billion rescue package announced by the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport. The aim of the fund is to safeguard cultural and heritage organisations across the UK from the economic impact of COVID-19 and the funding will help support the ongoing costs of maintaining Coldharbour Mills nationally significant heritage site.

Since the Covid-19 pandemic and lockdown began Coldharbour Mill Trust has been working hard to keep up with maintenance of the heritage buildings, re-introduce its team of volunteers and start progressing projects put on hold by the pandemic. Although it has been raising funds through its emergency appeal, it has been in dire need of extra support to guarantee that the site is protected for future generations to enjoy.

Martin Halse, Chief Executive of Coldharbour Mill said: “Thanks to the Culture Recovery Fund we will be able to make the dramatic changes needed to re-open the estate, factory and museum next season as well as support the ongoing projects which are vital to the success of Coldharbour Mill going forward. The Board of Trustees and I are extremely grateful for this lifeline in a continually challenging situation and these funds will be pivotal in continuing to sustain Coldharbour Mill.”

Despite reducing costs where possible and utilising government schemes such as furlough, Coldharbour Mill were still facing a losses in visitor income for this season on top of the additional costs required to make the site Covid Compliant. This funding will allow Coldharbour Mill to continue to provide volunteering opportunities to over 100 volunteers as well as educational experiences for schools and visitors locally, nationally and internationally.

A Sad Goodbye

A Sad Goodbye

Today Coldharbour Mill says a sad goodbye to Susan Meads who passed away on 12th July 2020 at the age of 83.

Susan spent over 30 years involved with Coldharbour Mill playing an instrumental part of our Trustee Board from it’s inception. She played a vital role in the transition from a trust to  an incorporated body following the financial crisis of 2008/09 and then again in 2011 and she remained on the Board until 2016.

The Survival of the charity had been in no small part due to Susan’s wealth of experience, skillset and contacts.

Susan had an exceptional whit with a thirst for life which saw her fulfil a lifelong ambition of a World Cruise in her late 70s and she made sure to keep her fellow trustees updated with her escapades by email as she sailed the world.

We are very sad to hear of her passing and will look back with fondness at the care and support she gave to Coldharbour Mill.


Martin Halse – Chief Executive

Important Notice: Continued Closure

Important Notice: Continued Closure

In common with many other museums, visitor attractions and heritage sites the current Pandemic has had a huge impact on life at Coldharbour Mill with the enforced closure hitting just as we were preparing to re-open for our season back in March.

Now that government guidelines have been put in place to allow for the re-opening of organisations such as ours, we are starting the process of preparing for the return of our staff, volunteer teams and visitors. This process is challenging for smaller charities like ourselves and we will need to raise approximately £12,000 to become Covid-19 compliant for visitors. We are also starting to take our first tentative steps to re-engage our volunteer teams.

Volunteers are at the heart of Coldharbour Mill and the work that we do here. They are also vital in running the mill on a day-to-day basis as well as being involved in progressing the many projects which were put on hold due to the pandemic. Some of these are projects which it is important to progress further with before we can allow visitors back as they are pivotal to our visitor offering and are not yet fit for public display.

In light of the current situation, the Trustees and Staff of Coldharbour Mill believe that we need to continue to focus on reintegrating our volunteer teams into the Mill and aim to complete some of the ongoing projects whilst raising funds to enable the safe return of visitors.

The decision has been made not to re-open for the remainder of 2020 as we are beyond halfway through our season, and to come back in a stronger position in 2021. We are aiming to be re-open for Easter 2021.

We want to thank everyone who has supported Coldharbour Mill through this difficult time and we hope that you will all continue to support the Mill into the future.

If you would like to donate to our emergency appeal please visit www.coldharbourmill.org.uk/donate

We hope to see you all at the Mill when we welcome you back in 2021!

Thank you.

Martin Halse. Chief Executive.

Stories of Lockdown Lives

Stories of Lockdown Lives in Uffculme and the surrounding area

We at Coldharbour Mill Museum showcase a huge portion of the rich industrial and social history of the local area over the last 220 years. It inspires the local community, national and international visitors with stories of the regions industrial heritage as well as engaging a large volunteer workforce who continue to create new stories at the Mill every day.

Coldharbour Mill is now looking for our communities’ stories of life during the pandemic and how it has impacted everyone’s lives. We feel as a local depository of history it is important for us to continue to record the lives of people at and around the Mill for posterity.

Our aim is to create an archive of the current times that can live on in the Mill’s history for others to reflect upon in years to come, with a goal of one day creating an exhibition of these stories. Although these times have been extremely hard for a lot of us, many have also found new passions, honed creative skills and already created wonderful pieces of writing, poetry and artwork which we would love to include in this project along with recordings of conversations, written stories, diaries, blogs or local crafts you have created that have significance of these times and you would like to be a part of our shared history.

If you are interested in having your memories, stories, artwork, writing, conversations or poetry included and shared please send us your work for consideration.

You can email digital works and stories to gm@coldharbourmill.org.uk

Or you can post us work to Coldharbour Mill Museum, Uffculme, Cullompton, Devon, EX15 3EE.

Please see our terms & conditions before entering your work.

Thank You to Arts Council England & The National Lottery

Thank You to Arts Council England & The National Lottery

We are pleased to be sending our thanks to Arts Council England and The National Lottery for granting Coldharbour Mill Trust relief funding in light of the current Covid-19 Pandemic.

The Covid-19 crisis hit just as the Mill was planning its re-opening for our season at the end of March – putting a halt on the huge amount of work being undertaken by our staff and volunteers. The Mill is still closed to the public though we may be seeing the light at the distant end of the tunnel.

Arts Council England have granted Coldharbour Mill Trust funding to cover some of the most urgent costs. The funds cover:

  • Redirecting our Business model to take into account the impact of the pandemic
  • Some Staff costs – to protect our small team and ensure we can continue with preservation of Coldharbour Mill
  • Covering some income losses due to the current closure to the public
  • Allowing for new IT equipment to allow safe, remote working

These costs will also allow us to start reengaging our volunteer teams and working on projects like our Mill Pond Restoration (Splash!), which will benefit the Mill in the future. We will also start laying the stepping stones to re-opening to the public and educational groups.

Our aim is to come back from this crisis in the best possible position so that we can push the Mill on to an even more exciting future.