Coldharbour Mill Celebrated in Ordination

Coldharbour Mill Celebrated in Ordination

Tartan woven at Coldharbour Mill in Uffculme, has been included in a deeply personal celebratory stole commissioned for the ordination of a Church of England priest.

Rev Zoë Braven-Giles, originally from Uffculme, was ordained as a priest in the Church of England in June 2023, and commissioned the deeply personal stole in celebration shortly afterwards. Zoë, née Pollard, lived in Uffculme until 2002, her children were all dedicated in St Mary’s Church in the heart of the village, and the village remains an important part of her life. Zoë explained why she chose the tartan to form part of her clergy uniform.

“Including a piece of tartan in my stole, woven at Coldharbour Mill, was
very important to me. It reminds me of my history, my childhood, and that
I wouldn’t be where I am now without the support growing up of so many
people in the village. I now have a piece of the village which will be with
me whenever I preside wearing it.”

Stoles are worn ordained members of the church to show their office. A deacon wears their stole across their body, right to left, and a priest wears theirs hanging straight down. Zoë’s stole was designed and created by Bournemouth textile artist Katalin Horváth, and depicts the changing of the seasons and creation.

Zoë plans to visit Uffculme, and Coldharbour Mill with her stole in the near future.