Collection Care Projects

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Collection Care Projects

Taking care of our nationally important collections is pivotal to our charitable work and we are continually striving to improve our collections care.
We have a dedicated and passionate curatorial volunteer team who work tirelessly to ensure we are taking great steps to improve our collections management.

Here are some of the previous works which have been completed by the team:

  • Our team have taken part in training sessions focussed on Textile care, cleaning and storage to improve the conditions of our Textile collections
  • We have taken part in training on pest management so that we are fully aware of the pests which could damage our collections and to learn how to effectively manage this
  • We have also purchased pest control materials with plans to fumigate the museum to eliminate pests
  • We have had our display and archived textiles examined and are actioning the recommendations from conservation experts
  • We have packed our textile archive correctly and had it frozen to eliminate pest infestation issues with support of RAMM
  • We have installed a new computer-linked environmental monitoring system to measure temperature & humidity in our display areas, which we can use to determine and eliminate problems
  • We have re-organised and comissioned redesigned interpretation for our Spinning and Weaving exhibits on Level 3 of the Museum, to improve accessibility and visitor experience
  • We have furnished a new textile archive space to improve our archiving conditions

Our volunteers have contributed over 1000 hours of work towards this project so far, and the work still continues.

Next Steps

We now have many more plans going forward which will continually improve our collections care and this is what our team is now working towards.

  • We have received funding to help relocate our ‘Homefront’ World Wars Exhibition in the annex on Level 3 so that it is accessible to visitors once again
  •  We will also be installing a new Collections Management Software  with additional training for staff and volunteers to improve our ability to correctly record our collections
  • We have been accepted into the South West Musuems ‘Pest Partners’ Scheme (funded by Historic England) which provides free pest monitoring equipment and we will be investing volunteer time into correctly recording findings of this scheme
  • We are working towards installing UV film on the museum windows to reduce light damage to our collections
  • We will also be relocating the Fox Family and Millennium Screen exhibits so they are available for visitors in 2021.