COVID-19 Compliance

COVID-19 Compliance

If you have any of the Coronavirus symptoms:

  • a high temperature
  • a new, continuous cough
  • a loss of, or change to, your sense of taste or smell

You should self-isolate and get a test.

For more information regarding COVID-19 use the links below:

NHS Coronavirus Advice Coronavirus Guidance

Coldharbour Mill Museum is currently closed to the public. In light of the current situation, the Trustees and Staff of Coldharbour Mill believe that we need to continue to focus on reintegrating our volunteer teams into the Mill and aim to complete some of the ongoing projects whilst raising funds to enable the safe return of visitors.

Below you can see what we are doing to protect our Volunteers & Staff:

Upon arriving at the mill there are a few changes put in place to help maintain social distancing and avoid Covid-19 transmission.

Hand Sanitisation

There are already handwashing facilities on site in our toilet block and volunteer break room. In addition to these we have installed 15 Hand Sanitisation Stations in other areas of the mill.

The first of these stations you will encounter is when coming from the car park across the bridge. All volunteers are advised to sanitise their hands upon arrival and on a regular basis while on site

Break Room

As the current tea/break room does not allow for social distancing we have relocated the volunteer break room to the Café (Ground Floor of Grist Mill) – this is to allow for more space meaning up to 10 persons can social distance within this space together. We will operate a “one in one out” rule for this space meaning that if this room is at capacity volunteers will need to wait outside for another person to leave or come back at a later time.

We also advise as per government guidance that volunteers and staff should bring their own food provisions.

Clocking-In System

The mill has invested in a new clocking-in system for volunteers and staff. The system allows for contactless clocking-in to minimise transmission. This also allows us to monitor who is onsite at any time for reporting to NHS Test and Trace.

Face Coverings

Face Coverings will be mandatory in all indoor areas of Coldharbour Mill as of August 1st in line with the current government restrictions.

In settings where face coverings are required, there are some circumstances, for health, age or equality reasons, where people are not expected to wear face coverings. Please be mindful and respectful of such circumstances, noting that some people are less able to wear face coverings, and that the reasons for this may not be visible to others.

Social Distancing

All volunteers are to observe strict social distancing. We have installed new signage to the building reminding everyone to keep their distance from other staff and volunteers. Also, we encourage all volunteers to remain in their work spaces and not venture into unnecessary areas where they could come into contact with more risk.


PPE is already provided to teams who require this for specific jobs. We will continue to provide this specific PPE, as well as Gloves for all outdoor teams and disposable face masks will be available for those who do not have access to their own.

Desks & Workspaces

For admin staff and volunteers, we will be ensuring that desks are suitably distanced from each other and will aim that each person has their own desk/workplace to avoid use of each other’s computers, phones etc. We will provide cleaning products so that all workspaces can be wiped down at the end of a shift so that it is usable for the next person.

Unfortunately, not all work can be distanced so easily – for example when machines take two persons to operate it safely it may be that you cannot fully maintain social distancing – in these instances you will be able to use masks and it is advised that you aim to work side to side, or back to back wherever possible.

If work must be completed face to face for a sustained period of time we will discuss this activity prior to commencement and assess whether the activity can proceed. No one is expected to volunteer in an unsafe environment.

Refuge Area

If any person whether Staff, Volunteer, Visitor or Tenant, develops symptoms of Covid-19 while on site, they should be isolated in the old ‘Break Room’/Ground floor of the Weaver’s Cottage. This area will be unused for any other purpose and allows for any person to be isolated from other team members. When symptoms arise any person should make the General Manager aware who will open the refuge area.

Once appropriate travel has been arranged for the person showing symptoms and they have left the premises, the necessary deep-cleaning in line with HSE guidance will be actioned and the space will remain un accessible to any other staff – unless tasked with cleaning the area.

Areas that should not be accessed

Some Areas of the Mill site are rented by other companies. All of the tenants set their own guidance for staff therefore Volunteers, Staff & Visitors of Coldharbour Mill Trust Ltd should not enter any of these areas for any reason.

Full Guidance can be found below, along with Risk Assessments for specific volunteer teams:

Full Staff & Volunteer Guidance

Risk Assessments:

Outdoor Working


NHS Test & Trace App

Coldharbour Mill have now posted NHS Test & Trace QR codes around the site.

This allows for anyone visiting the site to register the venue on their app and can be notified in the event of an outbreak. At this time, our staff and volunteers log their attendance through our clocking in system, but the app can be used in addition or for guests invited for meetings at the Mill.

for more information about NHS Test & Trace go to