School & Educational Visits

A visit to Coldharbour Mill brings to life the heart of the industrial revolution, stimulating and exciting young minds whatever the age.

Coldharbour Mill has an established and award-winning Education programme that has proved to be a very rewarding and enjoyable experience for the many thousands of visiting children from schools, further and higher education establishments across the South West.

Choose from one of our award-winning education programmes or design your own visit to meet curriculum targets across a range of subjects including Science, Geography, Art, Maths, English and more.

To book your educational visit please complete the booking form below and return to

Guided Tour of the Factory Floor

Half Day Adaptable for all ages & key stages

£4.50 per student

Experience the sights, sounds and smells of a working factory and find out about factory life, learn about yarn and textile production.

Victorian Drama

Full Day (includes Half Day Drama Sessions & self-guided Factory Tour)

£8.50 per student

Experience the realities of factory life for child workers in the 19th century with Mr Robson, the factory foreman and Annie, the Mill Worker.

There will also be a self-guided tour of our working factory floor full information about our weaving and spinning processes.

Materials & Fibres

Full Day (includes Half Day hand-weaving session & self-guided Factory Tour)

£7.00 per student

Hands-on experience of using natural fibres. These sessions will include weaving by hand, as well as other fibre based craft activities.

There will also be a self-guided tour of our working factory floor to see how we at Coldharbour Mill work with natural fibres to spin and weave.