Storage Project

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Storage Project

We are working on plans and seeking funding for a new storage project. As a Museum which is still in textile production, we have lots of additional equipment and spare parts on site so that we can effectively maintain our heritage machinery, but unfortunately what we sometimes lack is space. Though our Museum may look large from the outside, we want to make sure our Exhibits are shown in the best light possible and surrounding them with extra equipment and parts is in contradiction to this.

However behind our Gas Retort we have a rough area, which could be cleared to create a storage space. We have permission to install some storage containers to be able to correctly store our extra parts and machines keeping them safely out of the way of our guests, this would increase the space on our museum floors and improve the experience for our visitors.

This project would allow us to:

  • Clear spare parts and extra equipment from our Exhibition Spaces allowing for a better viewing of our Collection
  • Reorganising our stock of spare parts and cataloguing what we have
  • Equipment to clear the space behind the Retort House
  • Purchase and Installation of the new storage containers

We have already been given generous support by Uffculme Parish Council but will need more to see this through