Coldharbour Mill Team & Advisors


The small team of staff at Coldharbour Mill are dedicated to the Museum and the Estate, as well as the large number of connected projects which are continually ongoing. We are a small team, but with the help of our volunteers and trustees, we do our very best to create a sustainable and lasting future for the Mill on a local, national and international stage.

We are passionate about the Mill's heritage, collection and its role in local and national history and want to see the site and its community thriving now and into the future.

Meet our Team:

Martin Halse of MRH MS Ltd

Chief Executive

We look at business in terms of improvement rather than change.
We are committed to the people to bring about improvements across a business to enable it to grow and sustain that growth, in the Southwest, UK and in Europe for UK business.

Our clients range from local and regional SME’s and charities to multi nationals, with a passion for hospitality and heritage we work across sectors from aviation, heritage sites, garden centres, hotel chains, international soft drinks suppliers, retailers, sports facility providers and many more.

Working with Owners, Directors, Boards, Committees, Private Members Clubs, Chief Executives, General Managers, Trustees and Investors to draw together a strategy for  business or a charity and assist them in achieving those goals by producing strategies, business plans and financial forecasting and providing hands on support where needed.

With a range of associates who are highly respected within their fields we can bring a single point experienced solution to enable business leaders to focus on the long term, while dealing with daily operations.


Martin of MRH MS Ltd provides Chief Executive services to Coldharbour Mill Trust Ltd and we are continually grateful for the work he does to push the Mill to success.

Peter Holdway-Bradley

Administration Manager

With a history of work within the heritage, arts and charity sectors Peter aims to help continue the excellent work being done by the passionate team of staff and volunteers. He is eager to get stuck into developing the mill to achieve greatness. With previous experience working within a heritage setting he understands the vital role these sites play and champions the need to restore, support and maintain these beacons of history.

Having also worked within Theatre and the Arts, building the repertoire of events that could be held at the Mill is a passion of his along with further community and volunteer engagement within the Mill and its connected projects.


Meg Stavaru

Production Skills Manager

Meg Stavaru joins the Coldharbour Mill team in 2022 having worked previously at the Queen Street Mill in Lancashire. Meg has a plethora of skills that she brings to Devon and went to Norwich University of the Arts to receive her Masters Degree in Textile Design. Also completing an internship at Whitchurch Silk Mill.


Winner of The Batsford Prize in Applied Arts / Textile design, first prize in the Society of Dyers and Colourists Regional Heat Competition and Meg was recently selected for the Vice Chancellors Commendation Award in Norwich.

Museum Advisors

Preserving a nationally significant collection of our size sometimes requires some extra support and advice. We work collaboratively with many different people, agencies and organisations to ensure we are giving the best possible care to our collections.

Meet some of our advisors:

Pippa Griffith

South West Museum Development Officer

Pippa is the Museum Development Officer for Mid-Devon and supports Coldharbour Mill Trust Ltd with the development of the Museum. She is very knowledgeable about the local area and on all aspects of Museum development and offer specialist support to museums throughout the South West.


Helena Jaeschke

Conservation Development Officer

Helena offers advice and support for all the museums across the southwest of England on how to look after the objects in their collections. Her position is part of the government’s scheme to help museums in England which is administered by Arts Council England.  The region covers almost one-fifth of England and contains more than 500 museums but Helena always finds time to support Coldharbour Mill with our Collections Care.


Morwena Stephens

Textiles & Ethnographic Artefacts Conservator

Morwena works on the conservation and research of textiles. She has provided training, assessment and on-going advice to Coldharbour Mill the help develop our strategy for care of our Textile Collections.