Volunteering at Coldharbour Mill

Join our team!

Coldharbour Mill is special because of people like you!

Coldharbour Mill has supported volunteers for over 40 years, and in turn they help support the work of the charity – with all of us working towards making heritage accessible to all!

Volunteering can be for an hour or two a month, to 40 hours a week, for a month or two, to 30+ years, making a real difference to preserving and educating about our nation’s industrial heritage and wool.

Benefits of Volunteering:
Make an exceptional difference
Join an award-winning volunteer team
Share your skills & life experience and gain new ones
Keep active & stay social


Our Volunteers have been awarded The Kings Award for Voluntary Service the MBE for volunteers.

Two volunteers have become recognised by the Crown and have been awarded Member of the British Empire and a British Empire Medal.


We value our volunteers always finding ways to ensure contributions are recognised within and without the organisation.

Volunteering Opportunities


Join our café team and make a difference! Volunteering with us means learning new skills, making new friends, and supporting a wonderful charity. Our café is a welcoming and friendly place where you can truly make an impact. Become a part of our community today!

Admissions & Retail

Joining this team offers a unique opportunity to be at the heart of our historic site. As the first point of contact for visitors, you will play a crucial role in creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere. You’ll gain valuable experience in customer service, learn about our rich heritage, and help support our charity. Join us in preserving history while making new connections and enhancing your skills.

Steam Team

Join Coldharbour Mill’s Steam Team, the beating heart of our industrial heritage! Whether you’re a novice or an experienced engineer, you’ll learn hands-on skills, maintain historic machinery, and bring industry to life for our visitors. Be part of our award-winning team and keep the spirit of Coldharbour Mill alive, inspiring countless visitors with the marvels of the past.


Join Coldharbour Mill as a weaver or spinner, where we’ve been producing wool since 1797! Whether you’re experienced or a novice, we need you. Learn and demonstrate weaving and spinning techniques for visitors, all while helping preserve our heritage site. Your contributions support our mission to educate about wool and the industrial revolution. Join us and weave your legacy into history.


Join Coldharbour Mill’s curatorial team and help safeguard our heritage. Work with fascinating artifacts, develop exhibits, and contribute to educational programs. Deepen your knowledge of heritage conservation and make a tangible impact. Your efforts will bring our stories to life and inspire visitors.


Coldharbour Mill’s gardens set the tone for our entire experience. If you’re passionate about gardening or eager to develop a green thumb, join our Gardens Team. Whether it’s nurturing dye plants, managing trees, or crafting sensory gardens, your involvement will shape the landscape and visitor experience. Join us in cultivating a welcoming environment where nature intertwines with our rich heritage.

Estate & Maintenance

Join us at Coldharbour Mill for thrilling volunteer opportunities! Dive into daily maintenance and exciting projects to enhance our site. Shape the future of this historic gem with us, making a lasting impact and creating unforgettable memories along the way.


Are you passionate about engaging people, organising inclusive events, and raising funds? Join our team of fundraisers at Coldharbour Mill! Whether you excel at selling tickets, serving cream teas, or securing prizes from local businesses, your skills are needed. Together, we’ll make a difference in preserving our heritage and ensuring the Mill’s success. Join us and be a catalyst for positive change in our community.

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