Project Splash!

This exciting community wetland and woodland project aims to regenerate the Mill Pond area creating a wildlife haven & community space

With stage one of the project complete we are now seeking funding for the next stage of the Mill Pond Restoration & Community Space creation . This area is already free for the local community, visitors, groups and schools to learn about this unique resource and explore the bio-diversity of the area but we plan to do much more.

Thanks to the hard work of volunteers, staff, wildlife experts, our generous funders and the local community, the Mill Pond is now home to over 400 native trees for increased biodiversity. For the Mill, the increased water flow has led to our sluices being cleared and the continuation of this project will further improve our use of water power at the Mill and will help feed the properties, mills and environments downstream.

In May 2020 – we heard that an application the the Woodland’s Trust’s woodland creation scheme was successful and we will be planting 450 new native trees (look out for our community planting events later this year). The aim is to create a new woodland area with paths, seating and an open space to hold events. In the longer term, we aim to also incorporate an arts project with a number of industrial sculptures being added to the woodland.

The whole Splash site will soon be surveyed by Devon Biodiversity Records Centre to ensure our plans will increase the bio-diversity of the site without impacting on any of the current species already in the area.

See below further updates on the Project Splash!