Swifts at Coldharbour Mill

Swifts at Coldharbour Mill

Coldharbour Mill play host to a significant colony of Swifts and are one of the largest in the local area.  Unfortunately, these are now on the red list of conservation concern due to their rapidly declining numbers which is why local groups are being set up to monitor populations and take action to support and expand existing colonies.

Ways you can get involved

As part of the conservation of these red-listed birds, you are able to log colonies, swift boxes and sightings in your area on the below website with notes so that record can be kept to help reverse the decline of Swifts. 

How to find more information

Social Media

There are lots of information and ways you can get involved on Social Media. 

Accounts such as @swiftsweek on Twitter keep a great record during Swift Awareness Week. 

You can also follow their page on Facebook ‘Swift Awareness Week’ 

A number of other pages are available too:

Action for Swifts

Devon Wildlife Trust

All things Swifts UK

Devon Swift Supporters


A plethora of information is at your fingertips, providing education on these fantastic birds. 

https://www.swift-conservation.org/ – a great website dedicated to information and ways you can help.


https://www.wildlifetrusts.org/blog/guest/swift-awareness-week – a fantastic blog on some of the history of Swifts. There are also links for ways to  identify Swifts, Swallows and Martins as these are all similar looking birds. 


https://www.devonswifts.co.uk/help – Information on what to do if you have found a fallen or injured Swift can be found via this link.