Mill in Steam – Easter Monday

The Mill will also be in Steam on Easter Monday. Recognised as one of the best preserved textile mills in the country visitors can see the large Lancashire Boilers generating the steam to power the mill engines and restored beam engine held within the original engine house. Largely untouched since the Industrial Revolution and in production daily ever since, the Mill is the perfect way to bring history to life and see how the Victorians inspired todays industry and technology. It also tells the story of taking wool from sheep to needles with our yarn prepared and spun on heritage machinery. As well as steam, the Mill has its waterwheel dating from 1797 completing the history of power.

The steam team has also been busy over the winter restoring the carpenters shop and the Tangee engine now breathes life into this important part of the mill – and work is underway to restore the machinery and make once again the woodwork required to keep the Mill running.

Our Mill shop has also been stocked over the winter with our beautiful yarns, rugs and textiles as well as items relating to the wool trade.

Easter Steam Day – 10.30am – 4.00pm